Professional fees and tariff

TERMS AND TARIFF – Effective from 1 January 2024


Genome clinic£ 300
Follow up consultationFirst free
Further follow up consultation£ 200
Review, advisory, and Genetic counselling £ 250
Genetic and Genomic Testing 
Specimen collection and transport£ 100
Chromosome analysis (Karyotype & FISH)£ 350
Array comparative genomic hybridization (Microarray chromosome analysis- MCA)£ 750
Molecular (DNA) test (single disease)£ 750
Next generation multigene panel testing£ 1500
Clinical/whole exome sequencing Including Copy Number analysis£ 2000
Trio whole exome sequencing (with biological parents)£ 3500
Whole genome sequencing Including interpretation & full validation£ 4500
Carrier testing / Predictive genetic testing 
i) Single gene testing/mutation£ 350
ii) Panel carrier testing£ 750
Fetal chromosome analysis including QF-PCR£ 500
Fetal genetic testing / prenatal£ 750
Preimplantation genetic testing£ To be advised
Medico-Legal review-reports / Expert Witness£ 350 / hour
NB- 1. Minimum 20 hours for a typical Family / Civil Court case 2. Please contact for negotiated fee for Legal Aid case 3. Crown cases- as per agreement with the Legal team or CPS 
Legal costs / Court attendance£ As per Court


  1. Qualified/accredited (UK & USA) Consultant in Clinical Genetics and Genomic Medicine. Wide and long experience in all genetic and inherited diseases. Experience in all medico-legal matters that require expert genetics opinion and evidence.
  2. Referral could be either self-made or through your Family Doctor or a Specialist Doctor.
  3. Your full written instructions are required, together with any relevant information you may have, and confirm your agreement in writing stating my engagement on these terms and tariff.
  4. Genetic consultations are offered either in the Genome Clinic, Spire Cardiff Hospital or online via Zoom or any other virtual conferencing network.
  5. All genetic and genomic diagnostic and screening investigations are outsourced to one of the fully approved and accredited genetic or genomic
  6. Consultation fees and costs for genetic/ genomic testing are as per the current tariff set out in this document.
  7. All medico-legal and expert witness cases are judged and accepted as per on the individual case only.
  8. All professional fees and related costs for medico-legal work are calculated from the time of accepting instructions and as per specific agreement.
  9. The Lead Solicitor or Barrister is responsible to provide all necessary and supporting documents.
  10. The Lead Solicitor or Barrister is required to process, approve and assist in settlement/ payment of all fees and expenses