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Genetic Information Service

The British Heart Foundation sponsors ‘Genetic Information Service’ (GIS) that can provide you with information if someone in your family has been diagnosed with or has died from what is suspected to be an inherited heart condition.

The service can support you and your family by helping arranging an expert assessment in a specialist clinic that deals with inherited heart conditions. This assessment could help to detect and treat an inherited heart condition in you and other family members, potentially saving lives.

If someone in your family has been diagnosed with or died from a suspected inherited heart condition call the GIS on 0300 456 8383. Lines are open from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday (charged at a rate similar to 01 or 02 calls).

Around 500 young people die suddenly each year with apparently no explanation or cause of death, leaving families devastated and bewildered. Often the cause of death is due to an inherited heart condition.