Genomic applications in Medicine & Health

The Genome Clinic (Registered in England and Wales as Genome Clinic Ltd., No. 09142004, Companies Act 2006) is an independent specialist health service provider dealing with all forms of genetic and genomic diseases and related health matters.

Genetic/Genomic Consultant

Professor Dhavendra Kumar, MD DCH FRCPI FRCP FRCPCH FACMG

  • Consultant in Clinical Genetics, University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff, South Wales
  • Accredited Clinical Geneticist (UK General Medical Council) and Board certification in Clinical Genetics (American Board of Medical Genetics)
  • Wide medical/clinical genetics experience with special interests in Pediatric genetic diseases, clinical dysmorphology (malformation syndromes), neurogenetics and inherited cardiovascular conditions (cardiovascular genetics)
  • Author/ Editor of many books and journals on genetics and genomics; Lead organizer for several national and international courses and seminars; Professional leader and international links with a number of genetics/genomics professional and specialist organizations (
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Genetic & Genomic Services

Comprehensive clinical genetics service covering wide-ranging specialist areas:

  • Genetic disease diagnosis with diagnostic genetic testing
  • Detailed assessment of birth anomalies
  • In depth review and analysis of the family history
  • Specialist advice on cousin marriages (consanguinity)
  • Genetic counselling
  • Genetic risk review and assessment (for example breast/ovarian & bowel cancer)
  • Predictive or pre-symptomatic genetic testing
  • Genetic & genomic screening for life style and health counselling
  • Prenatal screening and testing for chromosomal abnormality or specific genetic disease
  • Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis for preventing recurrence of high risk genetic disease
  • DNA testing for disputed paternity or identity
  • Medical-legal review and Expert Witness reports related to genetic or possible genetic condition

Virtual/Tele Consultations

  • Direct telephone consultation anywhere in the world
  • Virtual consultation on Zoom or Microsoft Teams
  • Written reply on audio-visual consultations
  • Telephone: +44 (0)7766310291 or +44 (0) 29 2079 1910
  • Email:

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