Medico-Legal Service Terms of Engagement & Tariff

Terms of Engagement:

  1. I am a qualified/ accredited Consultnat in Clinical Genetics and Genomic Medicine.
  2. I will use my experience, care and skill in fulfilling your instructions or expectations to the best of my ability.
  3. Your full written instructions are required, together with any relevant information you may have, and confirm your agreement in writing stating my engagement on these terms and tariff.
  4. My professional fees and any other expenses are calculated from the time of accepting your instructions and your agreement.
  5. Please keep me informed on the progress of the case. I can help in the period before the trial, if indeed the matter proceeds to the Court stage.
  6. As the Lead Solicitor or Barrister, your assitance is

Clinical Genetics Review Service

  1. Genome clinic £250
  2. Revisit to Genome Clinic  £100
    (Only applies to second revisit)
  3. Genetic counselling  £200
  4. Genetic testing  £100
    Consent/ Explanation
    Specimen collection
    Transport to the Genetic Laboraory
  5. Diagnostic Genetic Testing To be advised for specific testing
  6. Genomic health consultation & Genome screening To be advised

Expert Witness Medico-Legal Service

  1. Consultation only £ 350
  2. Review of instructions/ case review/
    assessment/opinion £ 700 (Minimum 2 hrs.)
  3. Expert witness review/ report £ 350 per hour
  4. Legally aided Family Court £ 250 per hour
  5. Genetics review including Test As per Clinical Genetics
  6. Travel expenses
    * Car @ 50pence per mile
    * Return Rail fare by First class
    * Taxi fare as per actual expenditute
    * Time incurred £ 200 per hour

Court attendance

  • Travelling expenses As per Travel expenses
  • Court attendance fee As per official tariff
  • Overnight stay As per actual expenses
  • Additional time spent As per official recommended tariff

Terms & Conditions- Invoice & Payment:

  1. All Clinical consultations and laboratory testing are VAT expempt
  2. Settlement of the Medico-Legal Invoice subject to agreed time; please submit to relevant Legal authority for authorisation and payment
  3. VAT is charged on all Medico-Legal/ Expert Witness service
  4. Invoice should be settled within 15 days of the date shown on the invoice
  5. Overdue payment subject to additional charge @2% calculated on monthly basis
  6. Copies of receipts etc provided with the invoice
  7. All enquiries directed to the OR

Revised 29th October 2020